Welcome to the world of Vancouver’s top Cocktail bars

I started this blog to share my journey and knowledge about the world of craft cocktails and liquors.

First off I want to mention my personal favorites list of Cocktail bars in Vancouver.

  • Pourhouse (162 Water Street)
  • Clough Club (212 Abbott Street)
  • L’ Abbatoir (217 Carrall Street) – Head bartender, Shaun Layton.
  • The Diamond (6 Powell Street, 2nd Fl)
  • Boneta (12 Water St)
  • George Lounge (1137 Hamilton Street)

The bartenders at these bars serve cocktails on a different level than your typical restaurant/bar. Knowledge and skills wise.

Edit (Jan 27, 2013)

  • West (2881 Granville Street). Home to David Wolowidnyk, probably Canada’s top bartender. I had the honor of meeting him while he was working at West. Simply an amazing individual with extensive knowledge of everything to do with alcohol and more. 
  • Keefer Bar (135 Keefer Street)
  • Hawksworth (801 West Georgia Street, The Rosewood Hotel Georgia)

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